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Posted on 11-26-2016


If you believe in the old adage that golf is 99% mental, then the question becomes, what strategies can be used to improve your mental game? Is it sufficient to simply force positive thoughts into your conscious mind during a round? The reason that this obvious approach fails is based on the fact that the primary collection of swing sabatoging thoughts are buried in your subconscious mind and in your physical body. Is there a way to prevent these emotional/energy blockages from negatively affecting your game?

There is a self treatment technique that can bypass the conscious mind and release these blockages of negative energy. And it is so easy and discrete that it can be used when you really need it, during your next round of golf. This technique is called EFT or emotional tapping.

The popularity of EFT among PGA golfers has increased, perhaps as they search for methods to reproduce the effects of acupuncture treatments while in competition. Commonly noted improvements in mental clarity, stress relief and pain control have brought acupuncture into the forefront in sports medicine. Paul Casey, Jamie Lovemark and Danny Lee are among the many tour pros who have testified about the benefits of acupuncture. This trio was present at a recent event at the Los Angeles branch of the Janseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine to receive treatment and talk about the benefits of this ancient art.

To appreciate how a negative emotion attached to an undesired event can become ingrained in your physical body and subconsciously revived at the worst times on the course, a brief physiology lesson is in order. Let’s take a negative outcome like a chronic slice. As you slice a ball into the woods enough times, the hypothalamus (a part of the brain concerned with emotions) releases a cascade of chemicals known as peptides. These peptides accumulate into certain receptor sites on the body. These sites just happen to correspond to acupuncture points. Most are located in or around joints, which are known in acupuncture as areas where energy blockages occur in tandem with accumulation of the stress related peptides associated with emotional traumas. Unless processed out of the body, these points are easily activated and that one slice snowballs. These mechanisms are examples of the ‘flight or fight’ response in which the sympathetic nervous system predominates over the parasympathetic system. There are a number of acupuncture treatment protocols which are known to balance these two systems.

EFT techniques are simply a convenient method of ‘tapping’ (no pun) into your body’s acupuncture energy systems and subconscious mind. In this way you may be able to alleviate the havoc that accumulated negative emotions and old injuries have on your game.

This is an excerpt of an article by Dr. Smith which appeared in the DEC. 2016 issue of GOLF TODAY MAGAZINE

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