Research published in February of 2020 focused on the cost effectiveness of chiropractic care versus physical therapy for back pain and concluded that chiropractic costs were substantially lower. 

The research was conducted at Texas A & M University’s Department of Health Policy and Management. Specifically, it was found that when patients engaged in physical therapy for six months, the total cost was 459.45. In comparison, an equal number of chiropractic visits over a six month period resulted in a total cost of 410.89. While this savings of $48.56 may not seem significant, it obviously adds up when one considers how much of total health care expenditures are related to back pain.

Although not mentioned in the study, the great majority of back pain sufferers who receive physical therapy required an orthopedic referral. A single orthopedic visit for the purpose of referral can nearly equal the total cost of an entire 6 months of a physical therapy treatment plan.

On the other hand, chiropractors are entry level providers. Accordingly, most chiropractic patients do not require an orthopedic referral. At Back in Motion Chiropractic and Acupuncture in Daphne, we have always been transparent and affordable with our fee structures. The cost for the basic chiropractic adjustment is less than the mean price given in this study.

Aside from costs, there are numerous studies comparing the clinical outcomes for  physical therapy and chiropractic. For every study that points to chiropractic as the best option for back pain, there is another which favors physical therapy. The fact is, both disciplines share a common premise; that the body can often heal itself without drugs and surgery. The primary goal for a chiropractor is the same as a physical therapist; relieve pain and then give the patient strategies to rehabilitate spinal function.

If you are suffering with lower back pain, our doctor at Back in Motion Chiropractic and Acupuncture is are always ready to help with drugless and natural therapy. Call 251-621-2224 for appointment.

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