Recently, the medical community has become more interested in the role of the gut in overall health. We know now the majority of the immune system is located in the intestinal mucosa. Therefore, the status of our microbiome has a major impact on our immune function.  The truth is, a multitude of conditions are related to gut function. Skin problems, allergies, chronic headaches, and brain fog can all be related to a disruption in the delicate homeostatic balance between the friendly and unfriendly bacteria that populate the mucosal lining.  known as the microbiome.


When all of the good and bad microbes that populate the gut are balanced, the body is able to fight off harmful pathogens and viruses. When the microbiome is unbalanced, besides being more susceptible to invasive pathogens, we cannot absorb nutrients properly. Toxins then infiltrate our bloodstream and tissues. Properly balanced gut flora can even improve our mental status. A 2016 study found that probiotics can diminish the effects of depression.

In another study, people who consumed a probiotic drink containing L. paracasei and L. fermentium for 12 weeks experienced significantly less respiratory infections and flu symptoms. The same study also revealed an improvement in immune function This finding was based on elevated levels of the antibody sigA.


Whatever probiotic supplement you choose, acidophilus is perhaps the most important ingredient. It naturally lives in the gut and is responsible for breaking down lactose into lactic acid as well as protect the body from harmful pathogens. Here is a test to help you access the effectiveness of your probiotic supplement: open a couple of capsules and stir contents into a cup of milk. After 48 hours the milk should have curdled and formed a yogurt-like consistency.

At Back in Motion Chiropractic and Acupuncture in Daphne, our doctor has 30 years of experience at successfully treating various digestive system disorders.         The joints and nerves of the upper neck, specifically the vagus nerve) always receive special attention. The vagus is closely related to digestive and immune system function.

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