Are you a truck driver looking for a DOT certified medical examiner in Daphne, Alabama? If so, have you considered your local Daphne Chiropractor?

Dr. Grant Kendall Smith at Back in Motion Chiropractic & Acupuncture is licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to perform DOT/CDL exams for license renewal. In an appointment lasting just 30 to 45 minutes, Dr. Ken can get you a certificate and send copies to your employer. Most importantly, he can get you back on the road behind the wheel of your commercial vehicle.

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Why a DOT exam?

There are a lot of trucks on the road on any given day, and those drivers must be able to safely operate their vehicle. A DOT exam ensures that drivers have no known health conditions and can perform the duties of their jobs safely.

According to the Federal Department of Transportation, there are tens of thousands of heavy trucks or trailers registered here in Alabama. The state ranks high in total ton/miles transported through the state and serves as a vital transportation link to Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida.

To prevent accidents from occurring, DOT exams measure the physical readiness and well-being of all drivers sharing our roadways.

Requirements to Pass a DOT exam

A driver’s medical fitness is paramount, starting with vision and hearing. You must have 20/40 correctable vision in each eye, or wear glasses or contacts to keep your vision sharp. You must also demonstrate the ability to hear a forced whisper from five feet away, or take a hearing test to determine if hearing aids are needed.

A driver’s blood pressure must be less than 140/90 to be certified to drive for two years. Drivers must also pass several other tests, including a urinalysis, and prove they’re able to stay in control of both their physical and mental faculties at all times.

Keep in mind that certain prescribed medications or underlying medical conditions could disqualify a driver from obtaining a certificate.

What to Bring to a DOT exam?

Dr. Ken will ask you to provide a list of items at your DOT exam. They include:

  • Your driver’s license
  • A list of medications for diabetes and records indicating your condition is stable
  • A compliance report if using a CPAP Machine or documentation for sleep apnea or other issues
  • Copies of your latest stress test performed by a cardiologist (if being treated for a heart condition)
  • Any prior medical clearance for any special issues, along with the name and contact information of your physician